DIY Evaporator Coil Drain Pan Inspection

First, the never ending Houston heat and now the humidity. After a LONG summer of high air conditioning usage, look in your attic to make sure your drain pans are not full of condensation. A properly working HVAC system will generate gallons of water in a single day. If you have water in both your primary and secondary drain pans, call to schedule an appointment today   with a reputable Woodlands Air Conditioning Company –

Certain Air Conditioning & Heating 281-363-3333

Certain Air has a healthy respect for the havoc that water can reap on your home in a relatively short period of time.  Every effort is made in our in- stallation(s) and during A/C checks to insure and prevent water damage from happening.  A relatively cheap A/C check for $44.50 will allow for this problem to be addressed. Your drain lines will be checked for proper drainage and the evaporator coil and drain pan(s) will be checked for rust damage. If necessary, drain lines can be cut, cleared and repaired.  Also, ask about a float switch that allows for peace of mind by preventing water from overflowing the secondary pan and getting onto your ceiling and/or floors.


This YouTube video is simply informational, provided by ultrasound-inspection and is no way affiliated with Certain Air but instead, is a great visual to the above DIY way to check for water in your drain pan(s) before calling for unnecessary air conditioning service or repairs.


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